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The RIVERS EATERY in The Ideal Market

"Our economic engine is silent."
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Our Story 


Like many of our customers, we fell in love with Cable's lakes, rivers and trails.  Our small Cable cottage served as a launching pad to the Chequamegon National Forest, Lake Superior, The Namakagon River, the Birkie ski trails and the CAMBA mountain bike trails.  Fourth of July and Christmas parades, the farmers market, the log cabin library, the museum, the Brick House and Rondeaus provided everything we needed to enjoy ourselves. 
But we noticed that most people drove right by Cable on their way to their recreation destination.  We thought they should slow down and see what this town had to offer.  So we got this crazy idea we would purchase the old Ideal Market building that our friends, visionaries and local realtors Bill King and Wendy Hanneman had saved from demolition and had so beautifully rennovated. 
We bought the building in the Fall of 2007 and spent the winter building a restaurant and an organic grocery store.  We hauled every piece of equipment with the exception of the oven in our truck and trailer.  Piece by piece the vacant building became a business.
When we opened our doors in 2008 the people were ready.  Too ready!  We worked 80 hours per week all summer and both of us had jobs elsewhere.  Today, the organic grocery has been replaced by Redbery Books.  Redbery has been a great addition to the building and the town of Cable for the 7 years they have been with us.  The Rivers Eatery restaurant has served over 200,000 pizzas and has become an icon for silent sports enthusiasts year around.
We still work the business as a family.  One or all of us are always there when you come in.  We feel very fortunate to have done well going into and coming out of the country's worst recession in history.  We have you our customers and those original rainmakers and true believers to thank for our success.
We hope you enjoy your time with us and can appreciate the beauty of the Cable area, it's events and the people that make it all happen.  It reflects what is good and what is possible with a vision and a little hard work. 
See you soon.  Mick, Beth, Carley and Libbey Endersbe.


  Libbey and Carley at 12.  If they only knew.....

Home away from Cable for the girls.

Our Summer/Thanksgiving Vacation 2017