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The RIVERS EATERY in The Ideal Market

"Our economic engine is silent."
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"There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy."  Robert Louis Stevenson


Late Summer Hours!

Kids are heading back to school so its time to cut back on our hours.

Wednesday 4-9 $3 wines
Thursday 4-9  $3 pint specials
*Friday 2-9 Fat Tire weekend
Saturday 12-9 Fat tire weekend
We stop taking orders at 9PM sharp.  We serve our last drinks at 9:30PM and we close the doors at 10:00PM.  On Sunday we take our last order at 7 and close the doors at 8.
Always Interested in Hiring Additional Good Staff
If you know someone looking for a great job, we are always looking for additional staff.  We have plenty of opportunities as we continue to grow and plan to expand our business in 2018.  You can expect to work from 25 -30 hours per week at a living wage.  For more information send a note of interest to

A Toast to Tilford (Cable Style)

Kierkegaard said, "Live to the point of tears." 

We certainly did that on the evening of July 4th!  An amazing night with great friends.  Many generous people helped us raise a lot of funds for Steve's Foundation.

July 4 6-9 PM

All food, drink and memorabilia proceeds from the evening went to the charities set up in Steve’s name to promote youth and drug-free cycling.

Time for thanks
We have a lot to be thankful for here in the little village.  We have amazing trails, clean lakes, a national scenic river, beautiful forests and a solid infrastructure to serve our residents and visitors.  As you enjoy our community in the coming months take a moment to appreciate the infrastructure, the local ambulance service, the public library, the volunteer fire department and all of the businesses and volunteer organizations that make Cable cool and functional.  Also, thank you for supporting our business for the past 10 years!  We continue to grow thanks to you bringing friends and family to The Rivers Eatery.  We hope to see you again soon.



Rivers by the numbers

1 Building, 3 businesses, 14 stone oven pizzas, 14 high quality craft beers on tap, 20 bottled craft beers, 7 appetizers, seating for 120 inside, seating for 60 outside, 20,000 pizzas hand made annually for the last 10 years.



Rivers Eatery loses a good friend – Steve Tilford

On April 5th, we lost a wonderful friend, Chequamegon Fat Tire champion, world and national champion and one our favorite people we’ve ever known.


To the cycling world Steve is a legend.  The story of his life and tragic death has been told by every cycling outlet in the country and by many around the world.


To us, Steve was just a great guy.  He treated our family like his own.  We looked forward to seeing him whenever he came to town and missed him as soon as he left. 

Unlike most of the people in Steve’s life, we didn’t know him from cycling.  We only knew him from the restaurant and the time we spent with Steve, his friends and his beautiful partner Trudi after hours.  That made for an interesting relationship. 



Our discussions were about life, scientific breakthroughs, investments, politics, his blog, doping, and animals.  Steve loved animals as much as he loved humans.  One of his blog posts pictured him with one of our bunnies – the post read “I got to hold Lucy.”  When our town had an explosion of cats, Steve stayed an extra day in Cable so he could get traps from the humane society so they could be caught and spayed.  Steve was a bit of a cat whisperer - he had 9 of his own.


On Sunday April 23rd we’ll join hundreds of friends in Kansas to honor Steve.  Most will be there to honor his character - the fact that he was one of the greatest cyclists our country has ever known will be secondary.


We still shake our heads in disbelief.  We had many conversations left to finish.  He was our hero.  Our family will think of Steve a little bit, all day long - forever.


To learn more about Steve Tilford and yourself, visit the blog that he wrote for many years at  Be sure to read the comments as well.  It is a beautiful conversation that falls somewhere between Socrates and Will Rogers.


Thanks for a great winter!We had a fun season with lots of music from Molly, the Danger Band and Truegrass; a tap takeover by Door County; an historic Birkie and Fat Bike Birkie; perfect conditions for the Pre-Birkie, Seeley Classic and North End Classic. 


We have 3 Iconic bike races coming up this Spring in Cable - The Hungry Bear 100 gravel race; The Cheq 100 singletrack race; and, The Borah Epic singletrack race.  Join us for the same quality food, drink and hospitality you've come to expect from Rivers.  See you soon.


Why do your hours change?

While the circle we draw our customers from is hundreds of miles in radius, the circle we draw our staff from is 30 miles in radius.  That 30 mile circle is very lightly populated and those that live here are usually happily employed.  So, when our staff returns to college or high school we need to cut our hours back.  We are fully aware that there are plenty of folks looking for a place to eat, just not as many looking for work.


It's part of running a consistent business in the north woods.  We are more interested in the quality of your experience than making another buck.  Some how we still manage to kick out 25,000 pizzas a year and have fun doing it. 


Be sure to check the website and email for weekly hours all year long.  Thanks for understanding.   


Free Beer During Seeley Classic?

Yep.  On the weekend of the Seeley Classic - of which Rivers Eatery is a 9 year sponsor, two of our patrons, Dan Sheutz and Jason Bolz,  bought 100 beers for anyone that cared to join them for a toast to the north woods.    We had such a good time, we poured another 60 for good measure.  It's guys like "shitz and bolz" that make the Rivers Eatery and the Cable community what it is.  Thanks guys!.  They've already put 2060 on the board for next time!


Join Our Team!

The Rivers Eatery is always looking for team-oriented individuals to join our staff.  We have year round part time positions.  The positions involve all tasks associated with the preparing of our pizza and the care and cleaning of our facility.  There are enough additional hours to make these 3/4 time positions if desired.  These are not bartender positions.  We are a thriving business in a healthy atmosphere.  Come join us!

Potential hours are:

June - August

4:30-9:30 Wednesday thru Saturday

September - May

4 - 9 Wednesday thru Saturday

***The Rivers is closed for three weeks in March and November

Earning Expectations

$12,000-$14,000 per year for approximately a half time job.


Always great beers at Rivers Eatery

Look for beers from Angry Minnow, Founders, Fulton, Bent Paddle, Surly, OSO, South Shore, Bells and other great beers from WI, MI and MN.  13 Micros on tap!



Many new beers on tap
Yes, 9 years later we are still serving those "bitter beers".  Along side some great IPAs we also have a great assortment of porters, stouts, witbiers and others.  We have 14 microbrews on tap mostly from Northern WI, Michigan and Minnesota with a couple special brews from around the country that we find interesting or that support causes we believe in.  Our standbys are always available with new beers in the rotation every week.  Check out our dozens of microbrews by the bottle as well as some of our favorite beers in six packs and 4 packs to go.
Outside Magazine's Nordic Mecca: Train like a Pro
What makes Cable so special are the amazing trails and those that groom them.  Did you know we have dozens of miles of groomed single track fat bike trails and the greatest nordic skiing in America?  Don't believe us?  Just read Outside Magazine's Nordic Ski Mecca article referencing our very own Rivers Eatery as the place to be.’s-nordic-skiing-meccas
Our goal is to serve quality food at a reasonable price in a timely manner.
Introducing $3 Wine Wednesdays!
Beginning December 9th, The Rivers Eatery will be open on Wednesday nights.  Similar to our Thursday night River Pig and Spotted Cow $2 beers, we will offer $3 wines on Wine Wednesday at the Rivers.  Additionally, we will offer 4 salads each Wednesday for those that are looking for a pizza alternative - Of course we will still offer our full menu of pizzas and appetizers.
As is the case with all of our marketing, we are using word of mouth as our primary communication method.  Let's make $3 wine night as successful and fun as the $2 beer night.  Ski, snowshoe, or ride your fatty, then stop by for a glass of wine and some conversation.  Hope to see you Wednesdays starting December 9.
Rivers Eatery in the Media
Chicago Tribune on Birkie, Cable and Rivers Eatery
Here is an accurate appraisal of the Rivers Experience.
StarTribune visits the Enchanted Forest and The Rivers Eatery
An excellent summation of the Cable experience.
Discover Wisconsin visits The Rivers Eatery
Emmy Fink and crew make their own Spirit Creek Pizza with local BB sauce, local organic sauerkraut, organic pork and of course WI cheese.
Mountain Bike Action Magazine visits Cable
John Ker, hall of fame photographer, rides the green tunnel with the Rivers Eatery Crew.
Rivers Eatery listed as a Top 10 Adventure Bar
Switchback Travel names The Rivers Eatery as one of America's best adventure bars.  We're proud to be in some great company.
Annie Hart's Rivers Eatery Birkie Blog
Annie is a world class skier, gifted writer, great friend and a former Rivers employee.
We opened The Ideal Market and The Rivers Eatery on June 18, 2008. 
Where is The Rivers Eatery located?

The Rivers Eatery is located one block east of highway 63 on Kavanaugh Road in Cable WI.  Our family owns The Ideal Market, an old building that houses Redbery Books, Namakagon Grocer and The Rivers Eatery.  Walk through the bookstore and grocery and step into our 25,000 cubic feet of cool space.


Why haven't we heard of you?

Well you have now...and probably from a trustworthy source.  Most of our advertising is done through word of mouth and the sponsorship of many community events and races. 


There are cars everywhere.  How long will it take to get served? 

A recent guest told their friends on the way out the door that their experience was amazing and that they would have waited 45 minutes just to get a table at another popular establishment.  We make a quality pizza in minutes.  If there are 30 people in front of you, you should be eating in 30 minutes.


Do you take reservations?

No.  We but we serve fresh made food as quickly as anyplace you'll find.  If you need to reserve a table or are looking for a full wait staff check with the chamber of commerce for a full service restaurant in the area.  The Rivers Eatery has seating for 110 inside and 60 outside.







Cable WI is the heart of north woods recreation


By now you know that Cable has some of the world's finest ski and mountain bike trails, iconic events such as the American Birkebeiner and Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival, a National Scenic River running through town, the greatest of all lakes - Lake Superior 40 miles north, the least travelled national forest in the country, dozens of festivals, races and art events, the North Country Hiking Trail, some of the nicest people you'll ever meet and not one stoplight in the entire county.


For those of you that like the simple things in life, we have an abundance of berries, mushrooms and wildlife that are indicative of the north woods.  Our forests are filled with deer, otter, bear, elk, bobcat, beaver, marten, fisher, eagles and an occasional cougar.  Our waters are filled with trout, musky, walleye and panfish. 


If you can't live in the area, please come back often.  If you are looking for something to do, ask anyone or stop by our amazing chamber or talk to one of our local realtors.  Oh, and of course a beer at the Rivers Eatery guarantees a spirited testimonial by one of your new found friends or an expressive owner.  Visit us soon and often.  It will make your great life even greater.