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The RIVERS EATERY in The Ideal Market

"Our economic engine is silent."
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Simplify!  Simplify!

"Few of us have the time, patience or knowledge to order from a 12 page Chinese menu or to choose among a hundred pairs of seemingly identical skis in a ski shop.  People have too many choices these days.  The best restaurants in the world have set menus, and the best ski shops have already decided which skis are best for your ski level." 

 Yvon Chouinard, Founder and Owner of Patagonia.


Our food menu is quite simple.  We serve northern Wisconsin's best stone oven pizza, organic salads, few appetizers and 14 microbrews on tap! That's it!  14different pizzas and 14 micros on tap.  Here in Cable we call that "food pairing".


Healthy Restaurant Eating

We had the good fortune of watching what a world champion ate the day before and immediately following The American Birkebeiner Ski race.  Yes, he ate one of our organic salads and a couple of our stone oven pizzas before the race and an organic salad, a couple of pizzas and a couple of microbrew beers after the race.


Have you ever wondered why you feel so tired and stuffed after eating at a lot of restaurants?  We're a couple of biology majors not chefs, but we're guessing it's the salt and preservatives designed to keep your food fresh and make it taste good.  Since we didn't know any better when we opened The Eatery we just started with fresh food, skipped the preservatives and found that the fresh stuff already tastes good.  Our restaurant doesn't even own a fryer.


If you're looking for heart healthy food, do some research on artichokes, spinach, basil, tomatoes, garlic, onions, wine, and dark beer.  Yes, the best pizza you'll ever have can actually be very good for you.


Finally, if you are carbo loading for your next event don't be fooled by cramming processed foods in your gullet one night before the big race.  It'll be gone by the second climb.  Eat high quality carbs like the ones found in our salads and on our Flambeau or Saint Croix pizzas,  then reload with high protein pizzas like the Marengo, Eau Claire, Big Brook  or Spirit Creek following the race.  Oh, don't forget Cable water and local microbrews to wash it all down.


We hope to see you soon.