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Cable Mountain Bike Trails 

The same topography that makes the Cable area's segment of the Birkie trail so challenging is also reflected in the Cable area's mountain bike trails.  What we lack in long ascents, we make up with a roller coaster-like small intense climbs.  Yes, we have flow, but you might have to leave your seat once in a while too.



In Summer

Ojibwe is one of the great old school trails with some newly added flow sections.  This trail can be done as a loop, but can also be your starting point to ride from Cable to The Gravity Cavity and 38 Special.

What to expect: The Ojibwe is a classic north woods single track.  It is rocky, hilly and only one bike width...single track.  The fact that you climb from the North End Ski cabin to the "high point" of the Birkie trail should tell you something.  As our friends from other areas remind us that it's only an elevation change of a few hundred feet, but you will climb and descend hundreds of 15 foot hills in the process, so be ready to get out of the saddle or use your lighter gears. 

Who will love it:  Those who want an aerobic work out and who want to see fewer than 1 person per mile.

Access:  While you can park in Cable behind the old school at the assigned trail head, you can also drive 1 mile south on Randysek Road and park at the North End Ski Cabin.  This eliminates some road riding but you will also miss a lovely section of woods along the Namakegon River.  This step cuts two miles off your ride, but the gentle warm up could help you adjust to the aerobic ride on Ojibwe. your choice.

The Loop:  Ojibwe can be ridden from the North End Trail head clockwise or counter clockwise.  I'm not sure which way I like it better.  If you ride it counter clockwise you will follow the route that begins the Borah Epic. 

Secret #1.  Ride from the North End Cabin all the way to the fun stuff like Gravity Cavity( several miles) then take a right on Winding Pine Road (the road by the "do over" sign.)  After about a half a mile take another right (north) on the rocky road.  That is Randysek - the same road you started on.  Ride up and over the high point and down hill to the North End Cabin - maybe 3 miles or so.  This gives you an amazing ride on old school single track, flow trails and gravel through a very lightly travelled area.

Secret #2.  Ride from North End to Camp 38 Road (this will be the second gravel road you will cross).  As you hit Camp 38, look 10 feet to your left.  Here you will find the entrance to a newly built flow trail that will have you wondering if you are still in Wisconsin.  The trail lasts a couple of miles and dumps you into the Camp 38 Trailhead on Spider lake/Telemark Road.  From there take a left and either ride the road all the way back to Telemark or ride  a mile to Timber Trail, take a left and look for a trail crossing to rejoin the Ojibwe back to the North End Cabin.


Danky Dank

If the Danky Dank doesn't give you an aerobic and bike handling skills work out then you need to leave the area quickly because you won't find a more appropriately challenging trail in Wisconsin.  The first several miles wind along an ancient esker with lot of rubble and large rocks.  Be ready for unending ups and downs, sharp turns and beautiful views of a northern forest.  


Recently the Danky Dany was connected to the Rock Lake trail system by a hand built trail called Treasure's Trace.  Check your Camba maps to determine if you are going to ride an out and back from one of the two starting points on telemark Road or if you are going to ride end to end connecting the Dank with Treasure's Trace. 


In Winter

What is one of the great summer mountain bike trails transforms itself into one of the best snowshoe and fat bike trails in the winter time.  As of January 19, I can tell you that the trail is perfect for fat biking.  Here's how it works.


As you enter the North End Ski trails you will see the Ojibwe Trail entrance on your right.  It is a switchback that leads you to the ridge that you will be riding.  Don't despair.  It rides easier than it looks and levels out at the top.  The trail follows the Ridgeline snowshoe trail until you intersect the North End Ski trail for the first time.  Here you take a RIGHT on the Bear Paw Trail.  Continue on and follow the signs.  You'll be riding a lot of the new Ojibwe single track.  Watch for the return sign to the North End Cabin.  You are about half way through the loop.  This is a counter-clockwise loop.


This is an excellent ride.  It is a little narrower than other groomed trails, but very rideable.  Don't be intimidated if you are new to fat biking.  Truth be told, we are all new to fat bike riding.  Show me an expert and I'll show you an exaggerator.  Just have fun.  Think of it as snowshoeing on a bike.  Enjoy the North End Cabin with its wood burning stove and fine craftsmanship.  Leave it as you found it and return often.


Forest Roads

We have numerous forest roads to ride.  I have some favorites that are 10 mile and 20 mile loops.  We have very little traffic on our forest roads so almost any are delightful, just be sure that you are not riding on snowmobile trails.  Want a recommendation?  Drop me a note at


Seeley Area

Ground zero for fat bike single track in the nation is Seeley WI, 7 miles south of Cable.  Here is a link to their facebook site.